What exactly is SDK?

It’s completely possible to write your own code from scratch every time you have an idea, but this would be time consuming, it would be like having to plant and grow your food every time you needed a delicious meal. 

You’ve probably heard the acronym SDK around other programmers, but what does it actually mean? well, let’s talk about it.

First and foremost, SDK stands for Software Development Kit. it’s a front end interface. A set of software development tools in a bundle to develop applications. It often include an integrated Development Environment or an IDE, the programming interface. 

The kit includes a file called libraries with code that helps a program run smoothly with the platform it’s in, debuggers which helps find the errors and omissions in the code. The kit also includes documentation, processes, even guides to support the developer in creating the software on a specific platform. 

SDK is not limited to a program on a specific program. It can be used to make desktop, mobile, even robotics, because this kit comes heavily customized for a whatever platform it’s in. For example, there’s Android SDK toolkit is used to build android apps, iOS SDK to build and iOS app, Cosmo SDK for the robots, and so on.

I chose this term as my TOW or Term Of the Week because as a programmer, this will be one of your everyday use kit. I wish you all the best, thanks for reading! Dont forget to share this post!




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