Short Introductory Post

Being a mother isn’t an easy task. Being a mother that programs doesn’t help at all. Your time is very limited. You’re often faced with problems such as which side you should take, especially when you code at home. Good programmers don’t spend two minuted in front of a computer, then call it a success. On the other hand, your kid demands bonding time, some loving, and affection, that’s not something that happens in a minute. Having a routine when it comes to situations like these and actually sticking to it is very important.

As someone who deals with these issues on a daily basis, I’ve created my own routine that I follow. of course there’s times when I just feel like nothing is going accordingly, but that doesn’t stop me from going the next day. Life sometimes produces lemons, but that cant stop you from achieving your best, not just for you, but for your kid(s) too.


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