What is an IDE? you might ask yourself. Well, in short it stands for Integrated Development Environment. But there’s more to this software than its name. It’s entirely okay to write code in a text editor such as Microsoft notepad, but that’s all you get, just a code editor. The IDE, this neat environment combines multiple programming processes into one. It consists of a bundle of text editor, debugger, and a compiler into one.

Text editor
The code editor included in the IDE is different. They are simplified to to writing and editing code. The built in automation tools included helps with programming productivity. these may include changing color on certain lines, which makes it easier for you as a programmer to read. Some automatically add opening or closing curly braces or parenthesis for you so you can save time. others will even auto complete your code by recognizing the function you’re writing. All these work together to increase your productivity.

It’s best practice to debug your code every couple lines. It would be time consuming to write your code from beginning to finish and end up with 16,703 errors and then have to go back and look at all your code to fix it. IDEs include a debugger, a tool for you as a programmer to debug applications.

remember when code use to consist only 1s and 0s? well that time passed, in this new programming age, we compile code. Which means that the software takes the code written in human readable form and translates it into a form executable by a computer. IDEs come with a compiler to do this for you.

Since the software combines most relevant tools necessary for software development in this integrated environment, one of the benefits it carries out is increasing productivity. Think about it, you don’t have to exit the text editor to debug your code, you get automation feature, your syntax are highlighted, what could be better?

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